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About Costa Rica Bachelor Parties
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We love to play and party hard when we have
the time, and are out at the clubs even when
we are not hosting groups, so we can hook
you up like nobody else. We always know the
hottest spots for partying, drinking, sports,
etc...everything you could possibly want in
Costa Rica!

We are Professional Vacation Planners who
give you guys the insight, local knowledge, and
connections to make sure that everything goes
smoothly, and that you maximize your time and
money in Costa Rica. So go ahead, feel safe planning your trip to Paradise in Costa Rica.

Our only focus is Planning Bachelor Parties,
and we are pretty good at it. Our competitive
advantage is that we are with you every
step of the way and in turn you feel safe
secure and FREE TO PARTY!
We are the Company holding this town down
the HARDEST in regards to the Party Scene.
Straight Up.... Nobody is hitting it harder than
we are... Yeah there are a couple other
companies that provide travel services - but
they ARE NOT in the Scene down here.



Low Deposits are Fine !!


We give you the full introduction to Jaco Beach - A host to guide you thru
town when you guys first get here in a nice air-conditioned van. We show
you where all the good restaurants are - where all the good ATM's are, all
the best night club spots in town - all the great local bars. This saves you
tons of time and energy - we basically give you the full local tour here to
get you guys grounded so that you feel comfortable and know kinda whats
up and whats going on down here and how the whole system operates.

We set up all your Tours and Transportation for you - we only deal with
the Best Tour Providers down here and have access to some Incredible
Adventures for you guys - we are also able to get group pricing at a
discounted rate when we book big parties - we will set up all the
transportation to each Tour so you guys don't have to think about anything
- you can just crack a beer and jump in the Air Conditioned van and be
driven like kings to your Destination....

This eliminates many issues for you - trying to communicate with he drivers
and getting to the best tours - if you don't speak spanish down here it can
be a real hassle dealing with taxi cab drivers and trying to describe where
you want to go - even calling the cab company can be a pain in the butt -
but don't worry about any of these issues - we will take care of all of it
for you...

We have developed many Solid relationships with the home
owners who own the biggest and best homes down here to have Huge
parties at - so we get you access to the Best Homes for the dates you will
be here - I am sure you know how much effort it is to do research on home
rentals - then if you are not from the area you are taking a chance on
renting one that is not conducive to your groups needs or is in a bad
location or that has some dumb rules you were un-aware about when you
rented it.

About Costa Rica Bachelor Parties
Again, we eliminate all of these issues here for you guys and get you in the best house suitable for your
group. We get you guys set up VIP at all the Hottest Clubs in Town - and keep it on the down low - No
Joke - we get you access to the BEST AMENITIES this Town has to offer in all different Fields of Desire -
You want it - We got it - Or we Get it... with Express Delivery Available - 24 hours a day - We are your
Exclusive VIP Host for the most Extreme Bachelor Party Possible in Jaco Beach Costa Rica. Full Time
Concierge We will give you guys the Real Local Perspective of this party Scene from the inside out.

We won't send you guys out empty handed and just tell you where the Hot Spots are - we will be there
with you taking you Deep into the Party Culture of Jaco Beach Costa Rica. Access to a network of really
cool/chill Americans who got your guys backs while you are down here no matter what happens - even in
worst case scenario situations - we will be right there for you and we can make quick phone calls and
get things done in a hurry if we need to.

Super Exclusive Access to the San Jose Strip Club Night Tour - this is a Million Dollar Experience. We can
also do all of your Shopping Needs before you get down here and we can set up a full time chef if you
Desire. Your Wish is our Command. We Save you Time, so you can chill and not have to worry or try to
plan anything - The biggest bummer on any vacation is wasting time - because it is a limited resource
on your trip... We want you guys to experience as much Free Time and Enjoyable time as you can while
you are kickin it at your Bachelor Party of a Lifetime in Jaco Beach Costa Rica.
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