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Bachelor Party House Rentals
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Bachelor Party Hermosa Costa Rica


Party Like a Rock Star in Miami Vice - Do you Guys want to Lay
Around in Air-Conditioned Luxury and be served on?

  • 4.5 FULL BATHS
  • 12 BEDS
  • SLEEPS 14 max with Couch Crashers
  • Double Lot Property
  • Huge Private Swimming Pool (60X15ft)
  • Limo Tinted Glass on Whole Property
  • Outdoor BBQ Area

  • Full Ocean View
  • Sports Bar
  • U.S Satellite Cable & Local T.V.
  • Outside Speakers Bar
  • Air Conditioners Pumping Massive
  • Full Ocean View Deck with Tiki Top
  • Expensive Mattresses and Linens
  • Deep leather couches for gametime
  • You guys have no idea how Rad it is down here - if you have never been here before - you will find your self saying when you are leaving - “Oh My, I cant believe that I have not been down here before” and “I am definitely coming back soon” and “This has been a Life Changing Experience” Think about it - You are about to come to a new country and you are just coming down here to get Drunk and do nothing except Chill - relax - enjoy a little life Experiences - check out the Jungle - All Good Things.. You Guys are Obviously Intelligent and are doing your research on Properties and trying to think thru all of the things you will need from there - and we Commend you for that.

    We just simplify that whole process for you so that you can kick back on this trip and not have to worry
    about anything. We got you Covered on Everything you will need to make this a Successful Destination
    Bachelor Party..

    Let me ask you a Question - Do you think it is better and more efficient to try and find a house from there
    and book it - not knowing if it is going to be beneficial to your party Experience?

    Or do you think it would be a better idea to take advice from guys who live here full time and know exactly
    what needs to happen to make a Bad Ass Party go down.. And we got to say that you are SUPER
    INTELLIGENT for thinking about coming to Costa Rica for a Bachelor Party - as this place is Literally - Mind
    Blowing - and is the #1 Destination in all Central America for Bachelor Parties and Stag Parties -

    Experiences to Come:
  • Palm Trees Swaying outside the tinted glass
  • Couple girls floating in the pool in tiny bikinis
  • Cold beers in the morning
  • Cheese Popcorn / Pretzels
  • Chugging Beer with the boys - getting fucked up - taking more shots - running your mouth, talking mad
    shit with your boys you have not seen together in awhile..
  • Pumping Rap..
  • Thinking about your chick at home - wondering what she did last night - hoping she aint doing the same
    shit you are.. letting go - forgetting about everything and just enjoying the tropics vibe’n out in a new 3rd
    World country - that you think to your self ‘ hmm, i almost like this more than home’
  • Playing Pool
  • Smoking Cigars
  • Drinking Good Liquor
  • Having Cute Girls Serve you Drinks Watching Wild Macaws fly over the house squaking
  • Watching the sunrise thinking to your self - i can not believe i am still up - wasted at 6am from the
    night before - still up
  • Searching for Bob Marley to cure the hang over
  • Jumping in a tropically warm ocean
  • Drinking Fresh Coconut Water
  • Feeding huge wild iguanas fruit outside
  • Sleeping in Late with the Blinds Shut
  • Hang Over Mornings
  • Chefs in the Kitchen - frying out that bacon and cheese on those biscuits as part of that delicious hang
    over breakfast
  • This Home will Provide for one of the Most Attractive environments for a Wild Party with a whole bunch
    of stuff going on that your Mom would not approve of... You know - guy stuff
  • Awesome “Los Amigos” Restaurant Incentive with this Property
  • Full Time Transportation
  • Full Time Hosting
  • Errand Runners Standing By
  • Chefs at the House
  • House Stocked with Groceries and Snacks
  • Liquor at House Upon Arrival
  • Mixers in the Bar Snacks / Finger foods Beer, Beer and More Beer

    This is a very Large over 6,000 square foot custom built Mansion - overlooking one of the best waves in
    Costa Rica - the home is Known as Miami Vice - Basically built to Party at - this home is a Bachelor’s

    Owned by a Big Playa himself - this home was built to Rock at - Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica - located in
    the province of Puntarenas - is one of the most beautiful spots in Costa Rica that we have found - it is
    also very convenient because this town is Just Outside of Jaco Beach - allowing you to experience the raw
    Beauty of Costa Rica - while in a Sick Mansion ..

    We will Show you Guys the Debauchery you are looking for.. Get ready to cut loose in Paradise for a few
    days - Jaco Beach is much more crowded and a lot more developed. This Property is in a Very Exclusive
    Private community of Mansions - just about 10 minutes outside of town. The development is down a ocean
    front dirt road that is just incredible - 24 / 7 Guard Gated Community with Pretty much everything you
    could ask for - Even a Red and Black Brick Road that covers the community -

    Massive 50 yard long Ocean Front Community pool also comes with this Home.. The home is Known as
    Miami Vice - you pretty much cant Ball too much harder than this down here- what makes the home so
    nice is that you dont have barb wire around the property and bars on the windows like lots of the
    properties in Jaco have.

    Party Like a Rock Star in the All Inclusive Bachelor Party Mansion.. You have to understand - Jaco Beach is
    just a very busy little tourist town so you have all the things you have in those places - In Playa Hermosa
    here, it is very chill - although there are also some world class Bars and cool little beach hangouts there
    - Directly on the sand with some real cool Locals..

    Make sure you ask us to take you guys to Bowies Point Cafe while you are in town.. Great spot to have a
    beer and a Insane Plate of food.... Also there is the Backyard Bar - which is a Real Cool Spot to Hang out
    and get your Buzz on.. not to mention they have one of the Best Ladies nights in town - Wednesday night
    - if you guys are here on a wednesday night you need to make sure we get you to Ladies Night at
    Backyards - it is a definite Costa Rica experience you will need..

    Miami Vice is overall a Great Decision for a Bachelor Party - Distance from town is pretty irreverent as we
    provide full time transportation.. Booking a Party and a home in a country can be kind of scary and
    possibly a big pain in the butt - depending on who you deal with - you always hear the Horror stories -

    We Eliminate all of this potential concern for you - as we simply make sure that everything goes very
    smooth for the Entirety of the trip. We only recommend homes that are good for parties - as we are there
    to host you guys - we would obviously not put you in a Spot that was not Awesome - as we would have to
    hear about it the whole time - What we have done here is Narrowed down the Best Properties for Bachelor
    Parties and these are the ones we offer to you .. Costa Rica Bachelor Party - Lets Do this...