6 Bedroom Mansion Rental in Jaco Beach Costa Rica - 10 Guys All Inclusive Package - Tour Voucher - $

Guys -

if we can get at least 10 Dudes - and just Use Miami Vice...

All Inclusive

$100 Tour Credit Per Guy ... Included - Applicable toward ATV, Zipline or Surf..

45 Min Massage Per guy Included...

$1099 per guy....

4 Nights / 5 Days...

Totally Hands Off for you guys and Everything Included..

50% Now Due per guy to Book - we can have Invoices sent out to each guy individually from Paypal... Those Invoices can be paid on any Credit Card or American Express... Once those are all Paid we get the Property Booked... and well See you Guys at the Airport on the 7th...

Start Partying on the way back from the Airport - have a Great Dinner and Chef waiting for us at the house and were Game On for the Night..

here is a Testimonial Page of just a few of our guys over the Years .. !


p.s. - if you look close youll see the Kitchen in the first Video where the guys is talking is Miami Vice !


Bill Tincu

Costa Rica Travel Consultant




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