Costa Rica Bird Watching Tour

One of the Best things about Beautiful Costa Rica is all of the Wild Parrots and Exotic Birds that you will see just flying over head as you are near the coastlines or jungles.. literally the big Red Macaws that you see in hotels in the United States, are down here all over the Beaches and Coastlines - Wild... They fly up and down the coast in the morning and nights as they feed on almonds that grow naturally along the coastline in Costa Rica.. We also have hundreds of other species of smaller Parrots and Exotic Birds for your viewing Pleasure.. Just right here around Jaco Beach , we have dense jungle so you can see Toucans just minutes from downtown Jaco Beach, up on Miro Mountian at the south end of Jaco.. Toucnas are quite a beautiful animal to see up close.. down about 10 min shout is Playa Hermosa, where there is a lot of tropical marsh land which equates to tons of wildlife and even Large Pink Birds , similar to flamingos. .. Amazing Hawks and Falcons , all kinds of humming birds and other small Colorful and Exotic Jungle Birds all live and thrive here... If you come down to visit us - we will take you on a bird watching tour and just spend time enjoying the nature and all of the beautiful animals that surround us here in Jaco Beach Costa Rica....

Give us a Call and we will Plan a Awesome Bird Watching Tour for you and your Family in Costa Rica..



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