Monkey Tour - Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Bachelor parties are the largest majority of groups that head to Jaco Beach .. reason being is that Costa Rica is known for its awesome partying and late tropical nights, Casinos and beautiful people, Awesome Jungle Tours and just a Beautiful Country in General - all Cool things that add up to a Great Bachelor party.. Also jaco beach is a lot cheaper than going to a place like Las Vegas for a bachelor party.. I personally have been to Vegas many times and still, Jaco Beach is always more fun.. We have Tropical Beaches and Jungles. Exotic Animals, Exotic Girls, and Beer Drinking all Day.... Does that Sound Awesome or What ?

One of the best Tours if you are Coming to Jaco Beach for a Bachelor party is the Monkey Tour .. this tour is about 35 min shout of Jaco Beach .. and its a Blast... You hope on a panda boat and head up a jungle river, once to the right spot the captain of the boat will pull you right into the Mangrove Jungle over the river, and then he will start to call for the monkeys .. and all of a sudden you have about 20-30 wild little monkeys trying to hop on the boat and grab a free banana... its really a fun experience... gets you into the Pura Vida Mindstate..

We would love to have you guys down to Jaco Beach for your next Bachelor Party .. And we can get you set up on the Monkey Tour if you think you would be into it... its a Awesome Tour..


Jaco Beach Monkey Tour -


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