Thanks bro! Everyone said they are going to recommend you to all their friends.

Shit we might have to head back down for the reunion tour!



Food Testimonial - All Inclusive Packaging 

Bill and Jeff,


Thanks for making this an awesome trip!! The upgrade to the White Dragon was awesome!! 



Had a blast fellas! Let me know when we're going to do the reunion tour! 


If you know anyone interested in Costa Rica make sure you tell them about Bill and his crew! 



What's going on bill this Andre I booked a bachelor party last August. Looks like we're heading back down mid July and I need of your great services. If you can send me a couple houses in jaco to look at, it's probably going to be 7-10 people max.    



Hi Bill,


A very good friend of mine, Jonathan B., highly recommends you. We are planning a bachelor party for my brother and we have a 12-15 people who are interested in coming. We would like to go in August (second or third weekend) and stay for 4 days and 3 nights. Can you put together a quote for us? Thanks.



Rakesh Ram...

VIP Host in air with Happy Customers.



Just wanted to thank you again for showing me and my crew such an epic time while in Jaco. It was packed with non-stop fun from beginning to end. Don't worry about those lame girls that came by that one night. Luckily we had Jeff there to handle it for us. 


Jaco is definitely a one of a kind place bro and the guys are already talking about planning another trip there one day. We made some great memories and your team was always there whenever we needed anything so I truly appreciate the great hospitality and the sick bachelor pad you hooked us up with. 


I'll definitely be recommending you guys to any of my buddies planning a trip down there.


Hope you're having a blast down there!




Kevin Masrej....

And we will of course send people your way!! We had such a great weekend. Thanks so much again for helping us coordinate everything you were Awesome - 

Danielle and Erica

Hey Guys


Just wanted to thank you for an awesome time. Jeff and Carlos were great. The woman cooking made great food.They were with us every step of the way. We had an awesome memorable time. It was very well put together.








First, let me tell you how envious I am of you... It's more the merrier down there and with a group of 20, you guys will rule that town!


We made our way down there last May with s group of 12 (for my bachelor party)and it was an epic time.  As you noted, Bill did a fantastic job lining it all up prior to the arrival but let me say, where he earns his reputation in my opinion was how he and the team handled us once we arrived!


Out of the gates I had contacted 3 difference guys down there to set the trip up.... And it was a no-brainer for us to pledge our allegiance and our cash to Pura Vida. Bill was super chill and there was no pressure which was complete opposite of the other two who lied about only having "one place left in the entire town available so need cash fast" etc. 


Getting down there, we were greeted by Bill and crew and 2 if not all three hosts were with us every waking moment handling EVERYTHING we needed.... And I cannot stress enough, EVERYTHING!  Whether it was lining up excursions, entertainment, booze, or food, all requests were met with enthusiasm and handled ASAP. We barreled through tons of beer and booze... And right when you think that town is dry, Bill and team would be showing up with tons more making sure all is stocked 24/7. 


Couple of suggestions:

1. Try to get as close as you can to the beach. Bill got us a boutique hotel in playa hermosa which we rented the entire place out right on the beach. Whether we were chilling in the pool, ocean, or on the beach itself, it was great to be right there without getting transportation to and from.  If you can't land that, not a big deal but we had choice and thankfully went that route oppose to the sick house up in the hills... All personal opinion really!


2. Don't worry about pre planning a ton of stuff.  You can get down there and figure it out each morning and it's all at your disposal when Bills group is involved.


In all, I am (unfortunately after our unreal trip) one of the last to get married and can say with 100% certainty, trumped all other bach parties I had been to.  From Vegas to Santa Barbara, on to Miami and many other places, none of our previous trips came close to CR!!  This is all due to Bill and crew!!!


Hope that helps and cannot tell you enough how grateful I was for the job they did.  Last thing you want is to line a trip up like this, 20 guys deep, and be led in to chaos... Bill will not let that happen!


Any other questions I'd be happy to answer!  It was truly a lifetime of memories made (many of which shouldn't ever be repeated)!


All the best,




wanted to thank you, we had a great time, your boy Jeff is legit, without him it would have sucked. 


thanks again


Hi Bill,


Was checking out the webpage, Actaully was just on the trip in Jaco Beach with Sam. Wanted to say we had an awesome time and really appreciated our host Jeff. thank you! -





I'd like to introduce you to my good friend Mike. I was telling him about how much fun my group had in Costa Rica using your company, and he asked for an introduction. His son is getting married soon, so he's in the market for bachelor parties. 


Please reach out to him via email when you have time. Thank you again for everything in Costa Rica, we all had a blast. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.



Thank you,


Jeremy W.



How's it goin, man?


Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for everything and I can hardly begin to put into words how much we all enjoyed our trip down to Jaco.


Everything was awesome, but we all agreed that Marilyn absolutely made the trip for us. She was the perfect hostess and an all around great girl. We will certainly be using your service again..


Thanks Again


Hey bill, 


Had a blast in Costa Rica, the guys are still talking about it. Jeff took good care of us!


Ashton L. D...

Bill - thank you so much for renting me the house. not only was it the best vacation but by far one of the best time ive ever had. i was blown away by almost everything. loved erik, ryan and isela. they made the trip perfect. id recommend your services and hospitality to anyone! please let me know if i can prepare you a testimonial or anyway i can help promote your business. i will return soon.


Pura Vida :)



Hey Guys,

All is good with the deposit. Thanks again. You guys are Awesome! 

I'll definitely be recommending you guys ti everyone here in Toronto.

Thanks again,


hello Bill


I received your contact information from Niben T., as i was apart of the bachelor party you hosted for us last year for Shane T. i have another friend that wants to host his bachelor party in costa rica at the end of june this year, we are expecting about 15-16 people total and was wondering if you could provide me with housing options/pricing and etc i would like to do the same activities as last year and spend one night in san jose.




omari b.

Hey Bill,


Just wanted to say thanks for a great trip. Please forward our appreciation to Will and gang for taking care of us.  Also, Andre was awesome.

Michael W.


Hello Bill,


I got your info from my good friend Jake M. and Dan L. out of Tampa, Fl.  They were there a few months ago and highly recommend I reach out to you.


My sales team won a trip.  So I can take them anywhere within in budget.


I wanted to inquire about Costa Rica April 22nd - 26th.  Can you provide some ideas, options and costs for a possible trip for those days.  It will be about 8-9 guys, but not a bachelor trip.  Wanted to know about a nice hotel options in Jaco (do not want a family resort, also don't want a dump.), as well as renting a house in Hermosa that had transposition and daily food/chef service.  


Thank you in advance Bill!


Jordan Rho...


                Just wanted to drop a quick thank you, awesome trip, you guys did all we expected and more! Send our thanks and best to Will, Alex and Marilyn, they were wonderful and had a great time chilling with them. I referred a friend Nicky Velez to you so I hope he reaches out to you, he’s pulling the marriage trigger and planning his bachelor party. Take care.

Thank you,

Spencer Has...s

Bill your the man. I will be passing your info on to others for sure! All the guys are still talking about the trip. This won't be the last you'll hear from me buddy! Once again Thanks!

Stefan - 

Your entire crew are good people. 

We tipped alex and Marylyn $400 each and Rodrigues $200.

Please let me know if that's good enough. Wasn't sure what the standard amount should be. We will be happy to send more.

Please send everyone's e-mail so we can keep in touch and let me know when you will be back to florida, you always have a place to stay. 

Thanks again for an amazing trip!!!


Sup Bill,


Everything was great in Costa Rica. 


Marilynn did a superb job as our host for the long weekend.  She really put in a lot of hours making sure we were taken care of.


At the end of it all, you will definitely get referrals - great service goes a long way with me.


Until we see each other again, Cheers!



thanks a lot beto, billy.....


my friend peter was very happy and impressed with your service! 


eating my way up and down the east coast of usa! (dont get this food in costa rica!) 


take care guys, 


Scott Vineb...



What an amazing weekend we just had -- the team down there was great, and they really made sure we had everything we needed and that things ran smoothly....Thanks for Nate, Will, Beto JC, , Marienella sp?)


House was great, location, food ,activities, and the extracurriculars…

All in all very good time!


It was a once in a lifetime experience -- that we actually hope to plan to do again!



Thanks again






Thanks for a good time.  Marylyn and Kim were awesome and very professional at all times.  The guys loved everything about the trip and I have given them your website and contract information to spread word-of-mouth.  Thanks for the trip of a lifetime bro...


John D..

Hi Bill, 


On behalf of our group, I would like to thank you for the awesome experience that we had.   We had a fantastic time.  Your staff was great and we will definitely will be recommending your services to others.  






 Hey Bill!


Everything worked out well in regards to the food after the first night, the chef did a great job to satisfy us!


Overall boys enjoyed the home and had a amazing time!!


Thanks again for everything.... Beto and our crew at home really tried hard to take care of us. We will definitely try to make another trip if possible and have you guys as our hosts! 




Yo Bill, thanks for an amazing time and awesome penthouse. Sucks being back in NY already. Albert is great man, hooked us up all weekend and took care of us. Can't wait to do it again. Going to refer you to one of my buddies that is looking to do a bachelor party.

Till next time brother!



Hey Bill, 


all good man. had a great time. Hope all is well. 


you'll be the first i call when we go back. 


Mike Alvz…

Hey Bill,


On behalf of everyone, I wanted to say thank you for an AWESOME experience! We were able to show the bachelor an amazing time.  I will definitely recommend you guys to all my friends.  Also, Juan Carlos and Marilenna were amazing hosts, they were there every step of the way and we viewed them as part of our group, we were definitely a family down there.  Again, thanks for everything!

Joel Bensc...



Yo Beto, Bill !


Just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know..

All of us got home safely and are back to reality life now...haha


Every single person, especially the bachelor said they had the greatest time and will NEVER forget this trip.

Best Bachelor Party of all time!


Thank you so much for hosting and making our experience as best as possible.

Anything we needed you provided, and anything that went wrong you were quick to fix.


Big thanks to Carlos and the cooks as well...

Carlos was the best host and driver too and took care of anything that was needed as well.


Cooks were on point with their food and cleaning!

Please forward this msg over to Carlos as well and hit me up with his email so I can let him know directly as well one more time.


Once again,  this trip would not have been the same without you guys.



I'm sure some of us will definitely be back!


Til then...take care bro.


-Jason H.